15 Reasons Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is a MUST SEE for all Animal Lovers!


Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is home to Dolly the Lama, Samuel the goat, Bella the bunny, Fawn the cow and dozens of other formally abused farm animals that are now living out their lives in peace in upstate New York. There are a million reasons to visit this majestic farm, but here are the first 15 that come to mind…

  1. The farm has its own welcoming committee


  1. …And rehab center for injured chickens

*Muscles the chicken was rehabilitating and learning to walk again after being used to perform the ceremony of Kapparot.


  1. Dolly the Lama is always up for a staring contest

*But Kylie Edmond, co-Founder of Rock & Rawhide (an organization that collects and distributes resources for animal welfare organizations across the Northeast) was a good challenge. Dolly ultimately won. She always does…


  1. Samuel the goat knows how to strike a pose…


  1. …And goatees are treasured by all


  1. The Cows have great taste in toys…


*The cows enjoy pushing spools and empty barrels around the fields. Our friends at Rock & Rawhide are now on a mission to find large spools and a winery willing to donate used barrels to these playful beauties.

  1. …Impeccable apple eating manners


  1. …A love for kisses


*Todd is one of the many volunteers dedicated to making sure the animals are fed, warm and getting all the love they deserve.  

  1. …The consideration to always give a “mooooo” THANK YOU to the farm’s many visitors


  1. …The loyalty to never leave a best buddy behind

*Cesar and Yolo are an adorable, bonded Cow/Donkey pair. They were rescued from a grocery store petting zoo and never leave each other’s sides.


  1. …And a spirit that can’t be broken

*Fawn is wearing prosthetic legs! Her story is amazing and you can learn more about her here


  1. The Pigs are always open to discussion…


  1. …Nice enough to grab the kids before saying “Hi!”



  1. …Willing to make room at the fence for friends


  1. …And know how to smile for the camera!


We had the most memorable time at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary! Thank you to everyone at the farm for making us feel so at home. We can’t wait to go back next year!

If you want to support this amazing organization you can use the ResQwalk app to earn money for the animals just by walking (available for iOS and Android) make a donationsponsor an animal (what a great holiday gift!), or choose something from the farm shop!

By Bailey Schroeder, ResQwalk Founder + CEO

Photo Credit to Kylie Edmond, Rock & Rawhide Co-Founder

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