13 Thanksgiving Looks That Tickle Us Pink


Thanksgiving is one of our favorite days of the year! It’s about spending time with friends and family, giving thanks, and of course dressing up our pets. To pay tribute to the fur babies in our lives – we’ve compiled our 13 favorite Thanksgiving looks. 

  1. The ‘I love pie more than life itself.’

FullSizeRender-20(Instagram @dogies_daily)

  1. The ‘I’m not getting out of bed – I’m watching football.’

FullSizeRender-21(Instagram @belarussian_kuzik)

  1. The ‘Are you done talking, can we get ResQwalking?’

FullSizeRender-22(Instagram @bet_see)

  1. The ‘I woke up looking this good…Seriously!’

FullSizeRender-24(Instagram @catladybox)

  1. The ‘Do you expect me to move in this?’

FullSizeRender-23(Instagram @jlewis0307)

  1. The ‘I take Thanksgiving attire VERY seriously.’

FullSizeRender-25(Instagram @rileykern)

  1. The ‘I look so good you don’t even care I just got hair all over your dinner plates.’

FullSizeRender-26(Instagram @leahmad)

  1. The ‘I can’t feel my face, and I love it!’

FullSizeRender-27(Instagram @wuufbox)

  1. The ‘Thanksgiving? Never heard of it!’

FullSizeRender-28(Instagram @thefox_and_thelovesofherlife)

  1. The ‘If I look super cute no one will notice me licking the turkey leg…’

FullSizeRender-29.jpg(Instagram @Wednesdaymeows)

  1. The ‘Is there something on my head?’

FullSizeRender-30(Instagram @moreponytail)

13. The ‘I’m truly Thankful for my family and friends’


(Instagram @kelseydrew)

From the entire team at ResQwalk, have an amazing day with your family and friends. We are very grateful for all of your love + support.

By Bailey Schroeder, ResQwalk Founder + CEO

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