Bonded Pair Finds Happiness After Tragedy

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After their dad died tragically, Sugar and Boo Bear were alone. Their bond kept them alive, but was a hinderance to them getting adopted. That was until a miracle happened… 

(Note: the names in this story have been changed.)

Don was a newly retired animal lover who spent his days doting over his dogs, Boo Bear and Sugar. They were the reason Don got out of bed, exercised and had a smile on his face. Boo Bear and Sugar lived in puppy paradise.

Then one morning, after agreeing to do a favor for a neighbor, Don never came home. He was tragically attacked and ultimately killed by loose dogs in the neighborhood.

Boo Bear, the 10-year old lab mix, and Sugar, the 3-year old Chihuahua, were heartbroken and homeless.

A neighbor took care of the dogs for a few weeks, but ultimately Boo Bear and Sugar were turned over to OKC Animal Welfare. The organization knew that the dogs, who had been through so much, would need to be adopted together. They were bonded, each other’s source of love and comfort, and splitting them up wasn’t an option.

Week after week the animals were overlooked by potential adopters.

“Everyone seemed to want to adopt the young, small dog, but when they found out the two were a package, they looked the other way. Nobody wanted a senior dog.”

But this past weekend…. Boo Bear and Sugar’s luck changed!

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Bart, an older man who had recently lost his dog, was only intending to stop by PetSmart to pick up some goodies for his cat, but then he heard the sweet sound of dog barking coming from underneath a tent by the front door. He peaked in and was pleasantly surprised to see little Sugar sitting on the back of Boo Bear. He was smitten and moved by their story. Bart was ready to adopt.

The bond that had made getting Boo Bear and Sugar adopted difficult, was ultimately what found them their furever home.

By 5pm Bart had filled out the paperwork, picked up the best gift his cat could ever ask for (we think!), and had given a home (and hope) to two best friends. Way to go, Bart!

By Bailey Schroeder, Founder + CEO of ResQwalk

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