5 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Furry Friend in 2016

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We all love our furry family members, but Auburn Valley Humane Society reminds us why we should be extra thankful this year!

Auburn Valley Humane Society (AVHS) is located in Auburn, Washington and is dedicated to providing shelter, quality care and love to lost mistreated and abandoned animals in the Auburn community. Last year alone Auburn gave a second chance to 1,275 dogs and cats.

They have a Pet Food Bank, outreach and support dedicated to victims of domestic violence, and general humane education programs in place to support the local community.

At any given time AVHS has a number of dogs and cats available for adoption. Take this little lady for instance. Her name is Nuvo, she’s a lovebug that’s totally housebroken and ready to snuggle.


The organization’s love for animals is contagious and, even though there are so many reasons to love our pets, Auburn Valley’s Dr. Emily D. Purvis gives us five undeniable reasons to be thankful for our pets in 2016 (and every year):

  1. Pets Love Us Unconditionally.

It doesn’t matter if we have morning breath, received a bad grade, or missed a major benchmark at the office… our pets are always there for us.

  1. Pets Are The BEST Snuggle Buddies.

Looking to escape the cold and binge watch Netflix with someone special? Your pet is the perfect snuggle buddy to cozy up to on the couch!

  1. They Make Us Laugh.

Think about it! How many times have you laughed out loud at your pet’s silly antics? They can do some pretty hilarious things that keep us entertained.

  1. Pets Help Us Stay Healthy.

Having a pet can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and even improve your mood.

  1. They Keep Us Fit.

Walking is one of the healthiest activities you can do (both for your mind and body). Head to the park, take a stroll around the block, or turn on the ResQwalk app (available for iOS and Android) and go for a jog with your pooch. You know that New Year’s resolution you made to get fit? Well you’re already on the right track!

We feel honored to work with the Auburn Valley Humane Society and have selected them as our ResQpartner of the week! With this recognition, they will eligible to receive the prize from our this week’s ResQwalk Weekly Goal Campaign. And, what this means is, if 500 people hit their weekly walking goal, KONG will give away $500 of their products to the Humane Society!

You can support the Auburn Valley Humane Society by making a donation, saying hi to (or even sharing) their adoptable animals, grabbing something at their shop, or downloading the FREE ResQwalk app (available for iOS and Android) and walking in support of their inspirational work.

By Bailey Schroeder, ResQwalk Founder

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