Cat Cafés: The Purrrfect Excuse to Grab a Coffee (and Adopt a Cat!)

Over the past couple of years, a trend has emerged: Cat Cafes! There aren’t many of them (yet) – but they are making waves in the animal welfare community.

The Basic Gist

Cat Café’s are coffee shops that offer snacks, beverages, and a room full of adoptable cats for people to snuggle up to and (potentially) adopt.

According to Forbes, Cat cafés have been a thing in Asia for decades. According to Japan’s Nikkei Trendy newspaper, “the world’s first cat café opened in 1998 in Taiwan, followed in 2004 by one in Osaka. Now cat cafés are practically a Japanese national obsession.”catcafe.jpg

2014 saw massive growth in the number of cat cafés worldwide. The first American cafe was Cat Town Café in Oakland, California. Since then, cat cafes have opened in New York, Denver, Portland, and San Diego (among other locations).

A Successful North American Model

The Catfé in Vancouver, Canada has been open for a month and recently hit a FORTUNATE road bump… THEY RAN OUT OF CATS! They were all adopted!


Michelle Furbacher (yes, FUR-bacher is her real name) said, “We are excited that so many cats have already found homes!”


The cafe recently replenished their resident cat community, with the help of the BC SPCA, and have reopened to the excited Vancouver community. We can’t wait to visit (next time we’re out that way)!

In case you’re looking to find a cat café near you, here are a few of the North American locations:

  1. The Charming Cat Cafe (Lewisville, Texas)

the charming cat cafe

  1. The Cat Café (San Diego, California)

The Cat Cafe.jpg

  1. Meow Parlour (New York, New York)


  1. Tot the Cat Café (Toronto, Ontario)

Tot the Cat Cafe

  1. Blue Cat Café (Austin, Texas)


We really hope the momentum in the Cat Cafe space continues. The more of these establishments we see, the more cats we’ll see get adopted. If you are lucky enough to visit a cat cafe not listed above, let us know! We’ll update the list to make it purrrfect!

By Bailey Schroeder, ResQwalk Founder

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