Starved and Neglected – Calista is making a MIRACULOUS recovery!

All it took was one act of love and kindness to change her world.

On December 29th, 2015 – a young Pit Bull was found starved and emaciated in Paterson, New Jersey. Her skin was “clinging” to her rib cage and spine. She needed medical attention; left alone she wouldn’t survive much longer.

Upon hearing the news, and even though they didn’t have the resources to take in another special needs dog, the team at A Pathway to Hope sprang into action. They immediately went to Animal Control, pulled the dog and transported her to the Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital.


Despite being as “thin as a dog could possibly be” – she was incredible and named ‘Calista’ – Greek for “most beautiful”.

Over the past month, with around the clock love, care and a regimented eating schedule (she can only eat small amounts at a time as her stomach recovers), Calista is flourishing! She’s putting on weight and growing more energetic by the day. Not to mention the kisses she has for her rescuers… They’re endless!




“This is a dog who’s been severely neglected and she shows nothing but love to people,” said Frannie Laurita, volunteer at A Pathway to Hope. “After she’s been through so much, she’s just a sweet little girl.”

Calista is now ready for a furever home (preferably one without other dogs). Prerequisites for Calista’s family include: willingness to accept lots of kisses and give top-notch belly rubs. What Calista promises: to love you unconditionally. Sounds like a good deal to us! If you’re interested in adopting Calista, please contact A Pathway to Hope here.

**Calista’s original owner is facing charges for animal cruelty and neglect.**


For all the amazing work A Pathway to Hope has done, and continues to do for Calista, we are proud and excited to name them our ResQpartner of the week. With this recognition, the rescue will receive a special prize (provided by Trixie + Peanut) when 500 people using the ResQwalk app hit their walking goal this week (deadline is 11:59pm EST on Sunday January 24th). We already have over 300 ResQwalkers that have achieved this milestone. We’re so close – let’s hit 500 by Friday! 

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By Bailey Schroeder, ResQwalk Founder


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