10 Incredible Organizations Working to Change the Lives of Animals

Every year over 7 million animals find themselves homeless and in need of a second chance. Change a Pet’s Life Day was started in 2009 to draw attention to the importance of animal adoption.


In honor of Change a Pet’s Life Day, we are excited to highlight 10 organizations that are doing amazing things to help animals in need:

  1. Beagle Freedom Project

Advocates for beagles and the end of animal testing.


Beagle Freedom Project is dedicated to saving Beagles, and other animals, from laboratories and adopting them into loving homes. To that end, BFP reaches out to laboratories that test and experiment on Beagles and asks for their release so that they may be given a chance at life.

  1. A Pathway to Hope

Ready to step up for the cats and dogs of New Jersey.


A Pathway to Hope is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of stray and abandoned dogs and cats. Recently, despite not having the resources to take in another special needs dog, the rescue sprang into action when Calista was found emaciated and in desperate need of medical attention.

  1. Rock & Rawhide

Making life for shelter pets fun (and delicious)!


Shelters are generally loud, crowded, and often stressful places. Simply providing an animal with a toy or chew item can make a huge impact. Rock & Rawhide understands this as well as anyone, and their mission is to increase adoptions and quality of life for dogs and cats in shelters, by providing distraction therapy and noise/stress reduction through the donations of toys, tough chew items, bones, blankets and more.

If a dog is chewing, it’s not barking! If a cat is playing, it’s not meowing! Less noise = less stress. The result? Happier, more adoptable animals!

  1. Friends of Felines Rescue Center

Providing the purrrfect safe haven for the cats of Ohio.


For over 16 years the Team at Friends of Felines Rescue Center has been providing the orphaned, abandoned and abused cats of Cleveland with a temporary home filled with love, warmth and snuggles.

If you’re lucky enough to visit the rescue center, you’ll notice that some of the cats are wearing collars. These cats are the “residents” and, because of reasons such as age, medical status and emotional fragility, they aren’t available for adoption but will instead spent the rest of their lives at the center. A place we call the purrrfect furever home.

  1. Joey’s Feline Rescue

Dedicated to ending the euthanization of cats in Hawaii.


For the past 19 years, the team at Joey’s has been dedicated to the care of abused, abandoned, and physically-challenged cats and kittens on the island of O‘ahu, Hawaii.

They have rescued and rehomed a jaw-dropping 3,500 cats.

If you make to Hawaii (we have great aspirations to visit!) – stop by their adoption center (by appointment only) and meet the kitties in their beautiful cage-less facility.

  1. West Coast Animal Rescue

Where the dogs of California come first.


West Coast Animal Rescue is an organization that rescues dogs in California. The founder, Sherri Stankewitz, has dedicated her life to the animals and lives out of her garage (beside the dog kennels) to make sure the animals always have the care they need.

Recently, Sherri and the rescue were “victims” of the ultimate prank (it ended with the donation of a massive adoption truck for Sherri to transport her adoptable animals to future events). Check out the heartwarming video here.

  1. Seer Farms

Supporting pets and their families during times of need.


Seer Farms was founded in response to Hurricane Sandy. After the storm, when many families were forced to give up their animals because they lost their homes, were evacuated, no longer had the means to care for their fur babies, etc, Seer Farms cared for the animals until these people could get back on their feet.

Today, Seer Farms keeps animals safe when families are impacted by disaster, health, homelessness, violence and other major life crises. 95% of the dogs and 85% of the cats placed at SeerFarms have been reunited with their owners.

  1. Tabby’s Place

A cage-free sanctuary that provides refuge to cats in hopeless situations.


The residents of Tabby’s Place come primarily from public shelters where they had once been scheduled for euthanasia. The facility is run completely on donations and serves as:

  • An Adoption Center: finding loving homes for cats. finding loving homes for cats;
  • A Hospital: providing medical and surgical treatment for sick and injured residents.
  • A Hospice: providing palliative care and a warm, loving environment for chronically or terminally ill cats to live out their lives in comfort.

Tabby’s Place is incredible and if you are within drivable distance of Ringeos, NJ – you must visit!

  1. Dogs on Deployment

Giving our troops peace of mind about their pets.


The mission of Dogs on Deployment is to give our troops peace of mind during their service commitments. We all know how expensive it can be to board a cat or dog – now imagine you had to do it for months at a time? What if you couldn’t afford it? What would you do with your pet? Perhaps you’d have to give your fur baby up? Without Dogs on Deployment, these are questions many of our troops would have to answer.

Thankfully Dogs on Deployment offers a solution: they help service members find volunteers who are willing to board the pets during times of service.

This is an invaluable service, both from a financial and peace of mind perspective. There is nothing quite like knowing your baby is safe while you’re away.

  1. Pilots N Paws Canada

Providing rides to animals in need.


Pilots N Paws offers free (and low cost) flights for rescues and shelters needing to transport abused, abandoned, and injured animals to fosters, adopters, rehabilitation and medical groups across the country.

The organization has over 240 volunteer pilots across Canada that are willing to trek from coast to coast, making tails wag along way!

By Bailey Schroeder, ResQwalk Founder

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2 thoughts on “10 Incredible Organizations Working to Change the Lives of Animals

  • I am honored to be a volunteer at Tabby’s Place.,I have received much more than I possibly could have given.

  • I donated for a few years before I ever visited. One beautiful summer day, I took a drive up to see Tabby’s Place in person. That absolutely sealed the deal for me: a clean, nurturing environment where all cats are loved, provided for medically & ethically, given physical freedom and opportunities- a true heaven on earth for cats. I will be a sponsor for my lifetime & beyond.

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