ResQpartner of the Week: Beagle Freedom Project

Beagle Freedom Project was established in 2010 to save as many Beagles from laboratories as possible. We are honored to work with the project and proud to announce them as our ResQpartner of the Week.

**As our ResQpartner of the Week, when the 500th ResQwalk user hits their walking goal this week, Beagle Freedom Project (BFP) will receive a bonus $500 worth of ResQthreads gear to sell at an upcoming fundraising event !**

In 2012 alone, nearly 70,000 dogs were used at universities and other research facilities in lab testing for the medical, pharmaceutical, consumer products and cosmetics industries. 96% of these dogs were Beagles and the majority of these animals will never know a life outside of the lab.


The mission of the Beagle Freedom Project is to give these dogs an opportunity to live out their post-laboratory lives in loving furever homes.

Beagles are “the most popular breed for lab use because of their friendly, docile, trusting, forgiving, people-pleasing personalities.” In the majority of cases, Beagles are sent from commercial breeders directly to the research facilities. The dogs are debarked, their ears are stamped, and they never feel the sensation of grass beneath their feet.

The dogs are confined to cages and live an existence absent of love and affection.

The approach BFP has to combating this horrific reality is commendable, and smart. The project say,

“It is no secret that Beagle Freedom Project is principally opposed to the use of animals in testing, but this organization’s very existence is premised on finding the common ground with those in the animal research industry we disagree with – and that common ground is the shared obligation to these dogs.”

Acting in the best interests of the dogs, BFP works directly with the labs. When the dogs are no longer wanted for research purposes, BFP removes and transports the dogs to loving homes. All rescues are done legally and with the cooperation of the facility.

By arranging for the animals to be fostered and ultimately adopted, BFP gives the animals a second chance at life.  

These dogs don’t know what it’s like to be loved, or cuddled, or kissed, and many have never been outside. BFP works with the fosters and adopters to introduce the animals to their new life. They emphasize patience and compassion, as many of the animals will need extra time to fully understand what it means to be FREE.

Here are a few of the faces that have been rescued by the project:




The question we struggle with is: Why does animal testing exist? There are so many noteworthy brands that have adapted their practices (and ingredients) to reflect the demands of today’s morally conscious consumer. Why can’t they ALL stop testing on animals?

Want to see change? Here’s what YOU can do to help build a cruelty free world.

If you want to see an end to animal testing, you need to demand it from the companies producing the products that require it.

In order to do this, be aware of the products you’re buying. A great tool for this is the Cruelty Cutter App – available on both iOS and Android. By simply scanning product bar codes, you can get instant information about the product / company’s testing practices.

The final step: Stop buying products from companies that test on animals.

This sounds simple, but it’s huge! If we all take this stance, over time companies will have no choice but to change their practices or risk losing customers.


For all the work BFP does for animals and to fight animal testing, we are proud to announce that they are this week’s ResQpartner of the Week.

What this means…. 

This week, in addition to our regular ResQpool, when the 500th person hits their weekly walking we will distribute a bonus $500 worth of ResQthreads gear to Beagle Freedom Project (to sell at a future fundraising event). Ready. Set. ResQwalk!

*You will need the most recent version of ResQwalk to access the goals feature – so don’t forget to update! Set up your weekly walking goal by going into ‘My Profile’ and entering the distance goal you’d like to achieve. There is no minimum or maximum distance. Just pick a distance that works for you!*

By Bailey Schroeder, ResQwalk Founder

Want to support the Beagle Freedom Project? Download ResQwalk and #walk4animals!




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  • I don’t know how this INHUMANE TREATMENT, exists, With a LAW against animal cruelty, ????? I as many humans heart break, looking at their picture’s , In this day and age of Scams! !! Make me wonder how much of this is true, what percentage of the donations actually go for the cause, a lot of skepticism, a lot of questions, please send me info on these issues, to clear up my questions, ???? This is a serious matter, FBI SHOULD BE INVOLVED with the now animal cruelty law, thank you,

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