11 Times Bronx the Adoptable Pitbull Made Our Hearts Melt

Bronx is part AmStaff, part Bulldog, and ALL heartbreaker! From kisses to shakes to arguably the best canine hugs you’ll ever experience – Bronx knows how to love and he melts our hearts every time we lay eyes on him. 


At the end of 2015 Bronx was surrendered to Pound Hounds Res-Q after he broke his femur and his family was unable to afford the necessary veterinary surgery. Thanks to donations and the commitment of the dedicated team at Pound Hounds, Bronx had surgery to repair his femur, recovered with his foster mom, and is now ready for his furever home. 

Here are 11 times Bronx melted our hearts (and just a few of the reasons you should consider adopting this meatball)!

1. That time he helped paint the bathroom.


2. …And then waited patiently in bed while the paint dried.

3. The time he was more interested in giving us puppy eyes (and kisses) than munching on his antler.

4. The time he took a break from playing in the leaves to catch a few rays in the rare winter sun…

5. …And then got in bed to re-energize for his afternoon walk.

6. The time he woke up from his nap and asked, “Is it walk time again!?”

7. …And then when the response wasn’t quick enough – gave us the serious stare down!

8. The time Bronx was chivalrous and insisted his foster sister eat dinner first (while waiting patiently beside his own bowl).


9. The time he waited for his foster mom to return from work…

10. … Beckoned her to bed when she arrived

11. …And then hogged all the pillows (like any self-respecting pooch should do)!


Bronx is approximately 1 year old, crate and house trained, walks well on a leash and is looking for his furever home! If you’re interested in adopting Bronx – currently staying with a foster family in New York City – contact Pound Hounds Res-Q.

Looking for an easy way to support Pound House Res-Q and dogs like Bronx? Download the ResQwalk app and #walk4animals today




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