Dogs: They Get Better with Age

Yes, puppies are definitely cute! They’re teeny, tiny balls of energy wanting to give (and receive) TONS of attention. But what about senior dogs? These seasoned fur babies make up a large part of the shelter system – and getting them adopted is one of the most difficult tasks animal rescuers face.

Thankfully there are groups like The Mr. Mo Project that have dedicated their time, experience and resources to help find these seniors loving homes.

Next time you’re looking to adopt – consider a senior pet. Here are 7 beautiful, slightly grey, reasons why:

1. Like Angie, they’ll be forever grateful for your love.


2. Like Betty, they’ll make great (quiet) companions for those long road trips.


3. Like Julius, they’ll help keep a smile on your face (even on those days when you don’t feel like there’s much to smile about). 


4. Like Maya, they’ll give it to you straight (“Mom, do I look like I want to go on a ResQwalk?!”).


5. Like Jazz, they’ll always be up for taking a selfie.


6. Like Agnes, they’ll be there to look into your eyes and make you rethink those questionable choices.


7. Like Lilly, they’re make your family complete!


Senior animals make some of the best pets – yet on average spend four times longer in shelters than their younger, “more adoptable” counterparts (if they make it out at all). Not only are seniors trained and generally calmer than younger animals – but all they want is love and a human by their side. Adopting a senior is one of the best decisions I ever made, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to bring a pet into their home.

And, if you aren’t ready to adopt, you can ResQwalk for The Mr. Mo Project and help support their work with Senior Pets.

By Bailey Schroeder, ResQwalk Founder + CEO


Looking for an easy way to support The Mr. Mo Project? Download the ResQwalk app and #walk4animals!



One thought on “Dogs: They Get Better with Age

  • We adopted Lady, a 10 year old American Eskimo Dog three weeks ago. She is a doll. She is training is very well. We had another Reskie that was dumped in our yard when she was 1 yr old. Starlight lived to be 15 yrs old. Lady reminds us, so much, of her that we had to have her.
    With love, care, and excercise, a senior can just be a large puppie.

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