Announcing the FreshFit Challenge!

Did you know that 52% of US dogs + 57% of US cats are either overweight or obese? This is an astonishing statistic and we wanted to do something about it!
Join Freshpet’s FreshFit Challenge during the month of April and help us ResQwalk 200,000 miles to raise awareness about pet obesity. As a bonus, your walks will earn donations of fresh, healthy meals for shelter animals!

Who is Involved?

We are so grateful for our title sponsor, Freshpet, for making the FreshFit Challenge possible. Together, with the help of Dr. Katy Nelson of The Pet Show with Dr. Katy, the FreshFit Challenge aims to raise awareness about pet obesity and the importance of a fresh diet and an active lifestyle for your pet.
Freshpet is setting out to bring the power of fresh and all natural foods to both dogs and cats. Freshpet believes that all pet’s food should be made from the same quality ingredients that you would feed your family at home. This means recipes made of fresh meat, fruits and veggies, with no rendered meals or by-products. Freshpet foods are also cooked at lower temperatures to lock in the key nutrients your pets need, without any chemical or artificial preservatives. It’s this commitment to natural, wholesome ingredients that makes Freshpet different from other pet foods.
To learn more about Freshpet or to find Freshpet near you, visit

What are the dates of the FreshFit Challenge?

April 4th – May 1st.

How does the Challenge work?

Over the next four weeks our goal is to ResQwalk 200,000 miles in the FreshFit Challenge. We have broken up the goal distance into four milestones – each attached to a meal donation from Freshpet:
Milestone 1: 50k Miles  = 500 Meals Donated to Animals in Need!
Milestone 2: 100k Miles = 1,000 Meals Donated to Animals in Need!
Milestone 3: 150k Miles = 1,500 Meals Donated to Animals in Need!
Milestone 4: 200k Miles = 2,000 Meals Donated to Animals in Need!
*Please note this food donation is independent of the standard ResQpool, and your miles still benefit the ResQ of your choice. 


How can I keep track of how many miles have been ResQwalked?

In the ResQwalk app, on the leaderboard screen, we have added a mile tracker. This will show you in real time how many miles have been ResQwalked in the FreshFit Challenge.

Do I have to do anything special in order to participate in the FreshFit Challenge?

No! All you need to do is ResQwalk between April 4th and May 1st and your miles will contribute to the FreshFit Challenge total.

Just to confirm, even though the FreshFit Challenge is happening (and is awesome!) my favorite ResQ still benefits from my ResQwalks, right?

Of course! We know that everyone that uses the ResQwalk app has a favorite animal welfare organization. We would never take away your ability to log miles in support of them.
What is special, and why things like the FreshFit Challenge are possible, is the group of people that make up the ResQwalk community. Although we all walk for different groups – and live in different parts of North America – our passion is the same: helping animals.
We’re so excited to launch the FreshFit Challenge, have a conversation about pet obesity and health, and ultimately provide much needed meals to the shelter animals at Bideawee.
Questions, comments, concerns – shoot us a message at
Happy ResQwalking!
By Bailey Schroeder, ResQwalk Founder

Want to join the FreshFit Challenge? Download the ResQwalk app and #walk4animals today!






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