Wondering what to feed your pet? The 4 reasons you can’t beat fresh meat!

Did you know that over 50% of pets are overweight or obese? To help fight this epidemic we’ve teamed up with Freshpet and Dr. Katy Nelson of The Pet Show with Dr. Katy to host the FreshFit Challenge and raise awareness about the importance of healthy living.


In addition to ResQwalking and getting ample exercise, diet is a key component to keeping your pet healthy (and happy). Simply by feeding fresh and all natural foods like Freshpet, you can help your pet feel more energized, improve digestion, see a shiner coat and even have clearer eyes.

A healthy diet includes a balance of meat, fruit and vegetables. When considering what to feed your pet, here are Dr. Katy’s top 4 reasons why fresh meat should be a priority:


1. Fresh meat is never processed.

“Fresh meat must be used within 7 days, whereas meat meal has a much longer shelf life and can keep for approximately 1 year.”

2. Fresh meat never contains artificial preservatives.

“Fresh meat never contains artificial preservatives of any kind. Meat meal manufacturers often use artificial preservatives such as ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT on meat before it reaches the processing plant. Because these ingredients are added before processing, they aren’t always listed on the bag. This means you can’t be sure of what you’re feeding.”

3. Inspected and approved.

“Fresh meat ingredients must consist of only meat that is inspected and approved by the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS).”

4. Your pet gets only quality cuts of meat.

“Choosing a dog food with fresh meat ensures that your pet is getting only quality cuts of meat that also just taste fresher to our pets!”
“High meat content is important for your dog’s health, but it’s not just about quantity. One of the distinguishing factors in Freshpet is the superior freshness and quality of the meat. Freshpet uses fresh, all-natural meat in their recipes. This is one of the main reasons it earned a five-star rating from the Dog Food Advisor, and why it makes great fuel for your furry ResQwalker!”
Want to give your pet the benefits of a fresh diet? Join the FreshFit Challenge this month on ResQwalk and set a personal walking goal. The first 1,000 to reach their walking goal will receive a $2 off coupon. And everyone who participants in FreshFit Challenge will be entered to win 1 of 3 gift packs filled with Freshpet food and goodies.
To learn more about Freshpet or to find Freshpet near you, visit Freshpet.com.
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Happy ResQwalking!
By Bailey Schroeder, ResQwalk Founder

Want to join the FreshFit Challenge? Download the ResQwalk app and #walk4animals today!




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