Canadian ResQpartner of the Month: Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides

We are proud to name Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides as our Canadian ResQpartner of the Month! With this recognition, Dog Guides will be the beneficiary of the May NexGard® check-in promotion and will receive up to 50 doses of NexGard® flea and tick control for their dog guides in training.
Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides is a national organization dedicated to helping Canadians with physical and medical disabilities. The foundation provides Dog Guides to eligible Canadians all across the country at no cost to the individual.
The Foundation was started in 1985 with the goal of helping Canadians with visual impairments, and since then the Foundation has grown to include the following programs: Canine Vision Canada, Hearing EarServiceSeizure ResponseAutism Assistance, and Diabetic Alert Dog Guides.
In order to run these programs, and fund the approximately $25,000 that it costs to train and place a dog, the foundation relies on donations from both individuals and corporations. We are proud to support the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides and name them as our Canadian ResQpartner of the month and beneficiary of the NexGard® veterinary check-in program throughout the month of May!

Lions Foundation of Canada has positively impacted thousands of Canadians. Here are 5 stories of individuals whose lives have changed because of the organization.

  1. Martin (the human) & Yager (the dog)


“The difference has been astounding,” says Martin of having Yager in his life. “It’s hard to describe, but he’s changed my life! I’m more confident, safer, and I’m doing things I didn’t do before… Friends say I’m the happiest I’ve been in ten years!

After retiring and wanting to regain some of the independence lost with his sight, Martin filled out an application for a Canine Vision Dog Guide. In 2014, he met his match: Yager! Yager is a black Labrador Retriever, expertly trained to navigate the busy Toronto streets, and has the perfect personality to match with Martin!

  1. Jason (the human) & Heart (the dog)


“She’s his constant companion,” says Jason’s mom, Ginette, of the black Labrador retriever, trained to make life easier for Jason. “She’s allowed him to be much more independent. During the week, Heart goes to school with him, and on the weekends, she comes with us shopping and to restaurants.”

Jason was born with cerebral palsy. He’s visually impaired, uses a wheelchair, and has difficulty with his speech. Four years ago Jason was matched with a super sweet Service Dog Guide named Heart. She helps Jason articulate his needs and live his life to the fullest.

  1. Hilary (the human) & Yuba (the dog)


“With Yuba as her companion, Hilary is thrilled to be venturing downtown on her own – something she hadn’t been able to do prior to Yuba. No longer housebound, she has a new sense of independence, confidence, and safety both inside her home and outside.”

At age 14, Hilary was diagnosed with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. As she approached college age, her seizures (both frequency and intensity) increased – to the point where she didn’t feel safe (even in her own home).
Last year, Hilary’s life changed when Yuba became her companion. Yuba is a trained Seizure Response Dog Guide, and reacts to the onset of a seizure. When the seizure occurs, Yuba barks until help arrives. When the seizure ends, Yuba comforts Hilary until she’s recovered from the incident.

  1. Noah (the human) & Argo (the dog)


“Argo is a part of us,” says Noah’s mother Ali. “He’s an integral part of how we keep Noah safe… Noah takes Argo’s leash in his hand, and it’s like hitting a reset button. His anxiety levels go down, he’s calm, and he rarely tries to bolt anymore.”

Noah is a grade six student with autism spectrum disorder. The Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides introduced Noah to Argo, a calm, sturdy black Labrador Retriever, specially trained to make life easier for Noah. They hit it off like a match made in heaven, and now Argo goes everywhere with Noah (including his grade 6 class, where Argo is definitely a popular math class addition).

  1. Nancy (the human) & Lolly (the dog)


“Having Lolly has been a break for the entire family,” Nancy says. “We’re all less nervous, so my quality of life is much better.”

Nancy has type 1 diabetes with hypoglycemic unawareness. She describes the situation as “very complicated”. Typically, when a person has diabetes, they exhibit warning symptoms when their blood sugar drops. With hypoglycemic unawareness, there are no warning signs. This means Nancy must constantly monitor her glucose levels, and there are life-threatening consequences if her levels drop without her knowing.
This is where Lolly comes in. Last year Nancy was matched with Lolly – a Diabetic Alert Dog Guide. She has been trained to detect diabetic “lows” – through scent – and even runs to get Nancy’s insult kit (and bottle of juice) when an unexpected “low” is detected. Amazing!

For all the amazing work Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides does, and continues to do, we are proud to announce them as our Canadian ResQpartner of the month.

With this recognition, Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides will be the beneficiary of this month’s NexGard® check-in promotion. The dates of the promotion are May 1 – May 31, 2016. During the course of this promotion, for every person that uses the ResQwalk app to “check-in” to a Canadian veterinary clinic, Merial will provide one dose of NexGard® flea and tick control (up to a maximum of 50 doses) to Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. ResQwalk users are limited to one eligible check-in per month.
NexGard is a registered trademark of Merial.
*To partake in the promotion, you will need to download the most recent version of the ResQwalk app.*
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Happy ResQwalking!
By Bailey Schroeder, ResQwalk Founder

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