Help Us Reunite Fort McMurray Pets w/ Their Families


Over the past week I have sat and watched in absolute horror as wildfires have swept through Northern Canada, destroying homes, possessions, and the community of Fort McMurray. I can’t even begin to imagine what it feels like to be one of the almost 100,000 people forced to flee the flames that span over 600 miles, let alone to be one of the people forced to flee without their pets.


Like all of you, my dog is part of my family and (other than his fluffy appearance) is no different to me than a human child. I would do anything to get him out of harm’s way and, if disaster struck and he couldn’t come with me, I would hope that someone (even someone in another country) would do their best to help me get him back.

There is a mass effort to help reunite Fort McMurray’s lost pets with their families and we want to help.

That’s why we created these “I Support the Animals of Fort McMurray” tees.

100% of the proceeds from this limited edition ‘I Support the Animals of Fort McMurray’ tee will be donated to the Edmonton Humane Society – one of the key organizations helping to rescue and reunite the animals of Fort McMurray with their familiies.


If you would like to buy more than one item at a time, you can do so at the ResQthreads Shop

Grab a tee and let’s help get these fur babies back to their families.

Thank you for your support!

Bailey Schroeder, Founder of ResQwalk

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