5 Easy Ways Rescues Can Capitalize on Pokemon

Pokemon is taking the world by storm. Here are 5 easy ways your rescue can capitalize on this trend and help save animals! 


WTF is a Pokemon


1. Encourage Your Supporters to use ResQwalk while Hunting Pokemon!

Pokemon addicts are walking A LOT while trying to “catch ‘em all”. These fanatics could be racking up miles / kilometers for your rescue simultaneously! Click this image to share to Facebook and get your supporters walking:


*Anyone who ResQwalks between July 15th and July 25th will receive $10 off this super cool, Poke-tastic t-shirt (available styles include: unisex crew, women’s dolman, tank and lightweight hoodie). Click this image to share to Facebook and get your supporters excited:




2. Create a Pokémon Avatar for Your Rescue

Once you’ve created your avatar, purchase a few “Lure Modules”. A PokéStop that has been activated with one of these modules reflects your avatar’s name for 30 minutes. This is an effective and creative way to raise awareness about your rescue.


3. Contact Your Local Media

News outlets all over the country are trying to give their viewers (and readers) stories related to the Pokemon craze. Use this template to reach out to media, tell them your supporters are ResQwalking while hunting, and simultaneously get exposure for your rescue and animals!


4. Share Photos of “Pocket Monsters” at your Event or Shelter

Share photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram showcasing ‘pocket monsters’ as they appear at your rescue’s event or shelter. Say you saw a Mew at your rescue’s facility or event and get ready for people to flock your way! Let’s get your furbabies adopted!


5. Join the Conversation

Be an active member of the Pokemon conversation! When your supporters are mentioning or interacting with your rescue during gameplay get social by retweeting, liking, or commenting back.


Good luck catching Pokemon! Be safe and don’t forget to keep your pets (and selves) properly hydrated. A dehydrated hunter is not a happy hunter!


By Bailey Schroeder, ResQwalk Founder

Download the FREE ResQwalk app and start walking for animal welfare organizations today!



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