The 9 Most Common Pokemon Questions Asked (and Answered) by Rescue Dogs

Over the past week the words POKEMON GO have been everywhere. What’s so cool – and why we’re extra excited – is that people are using ResQwalk while they hunt for Pokemon. This is awesome for rescue animals and for the animal welfare organizations that help find these babies homes.

ResQwalk is a FREE mobile app that enables you to raise money for animal welfare organizations every time you go for a walk. You can use ResQwalk and Pokemon Go simultaneously!

While we are SUPER excited about all the buzz, we also know that many of our longstanding ResQwalkers (and the animal welfare organizations we support) are a bit confused about Pokemon Go, how it works, and how they can get in on the action.

To help shed some light on the mysterious world of Pokemon Go, we reached out to a few adoptable dogs… These snuggle muffins are going to help us ask (and answer) 9 of the most commonly asked Pokemon questions!

villabos pokemon

(Available for adoption through Villalobos Rescue Center: Rudolph) 

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a free mobile gaming app. It’s available for both iOS and Android. You can use it while you ResQwalk!


(Available for adoption through Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue: Fluffy)

How does Pokemon Go work?

After you start your ResQwalk, launch Pokemon Go. This nifty app will take you on the adventure of a lifetime and introduce you to a variety of tiny creatures on your screen. These little guys are called Pokemon (short for “Pocket Monster”, and “Pokemon” is both singular and plural). Through the use of augmented reality, it will seem as though the tiny animals on your screen are part of the real world. Basically the app uses your phone’s camera to show you the real world and then digitally places Pokemon on top. It’s pretty stinkin’ cool!

(Available for adoption through the Humane Society of NY: Gregory)

Where are the Pokemon hiding and how do I catch them?

The premise of Pokemon Go is that there are Pokemon hiding in the real world. Your job is to find and catch them.
To find the Pokemon, all you have to do is walk around with the Pokemon Go app open (while simultaneously using ResQwalk of course). You will see foot prints and other clues, and ultimately find Pokemon hiding in parks, malls, restaurants, bus stops, etc… Essentially anywhere your phone picks up a GPS signal, could be the home of a Pokemon.
When you see a Pokemon, throw a ball at it. (To throw a ball simply tap and hold the Pokeball. When you’re ready, flick your Pokeball at the Pokemon.) The ball will suck up the Pokemon. After you catch a Pokemon, it belongs to you.
Ace Burlington

(Available for adoption through the Burlington Humane Society: Ace)

What do I do once I’ve caught a Pokemon (or two)?

Give yourself a high-paw. You’re a Pokemon catching rockstar!
Depending on your Pokemon app-using-preferences, you can either collect Pokemon or exchange them for treats from the professor.

(Photo credit to the Mr. Mo Project – an organization dedicated to saving senior dogs.)

What are the blue floating cubes?

The blue floating cubes are PokeStops. Walk up to the PokeStop and, when you get close enough, it will morph into a spinning disk. Next, tap and flick the disk. Doing this will (typically) give you items that will help you catch more Pokemon.

(Available for adoption through Rock & Rawhide and A Pathway to Hope: Tigg, Bishop, and Clark Kent)

What are teams and how can we join them?

There are three different teams: Team Mystic, Team Valor and Team Instinct. You can join one of these teams after hitting level 5 (a milestone you will hit by catching lots of Pokemon). The purpose of teams is to battle one another. Battles take place in gyms (the tall gold and silver towers you see on your map) and they’re frankly pretty awesome!

(Available for adoption through Rock & Rawhide and A Pathway to Hope: Tigg, Bishop, and Clark Kent)

Does it matter which team I choose?

It doesn’t matter which team you choose. That being said, you probably want to join the same team as your friends!


(Available for adoption through Bad Rap: Mila)

What do I get if I catch ‘em all?

Give yourself a high paw for catching Pokemon AND for helping animals in need at the same time!
NMDR Pokemon

(Available for adoption through National Mill Dog Rescue: Camille)

Is there anything else I need to know about Pokemon Go? 

Yes! Don’t forget to simultaneously use ResQwalk each and every time you are out catching Pokemon. You can help animals in need while simultaneously working to catch ‘em all!
By Bailey Schroeder, ResQwalk Founder

Download the FREE ResQwalk app and start walking for animal welfare organizations today!



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