Is ResQwalk available for both iOS and Android?

Yes, ResQwalk is available for both iOS and Android.

Does it cost anything to use ResQwalk?

No. ResQwalk is free for both users and the ResQpartners (animal welfare organizations) we support.

How does it work?

At the beginning of each month we announce a cash ResQpool provided by our generous corporate sponsors. In order to earn part of this pool for your favorite organization, simply download the app, select a ResQpartner and press start. We also mix it up with weekly promotions that enable you to earn additional resources for animals in-need (e.g. food, toys, treats) – so keep those walking shoes ready!

Is ResQwalk limited to walking?

No. You can participate in any distance-related activity, such as walking, running or biking, as long as the activity can be measured by GPS and involves a speed of less than 14 mph.

Is there a limit to how many miles I can log each day?

Yes. We limit users to 30 miles per day (just enough to run a marathon and walk to stretch out your muscles afterwards)!

How is the monthly ResQpool funded?

Our generous corporate partners fund the monthly ResQpool. We lovingly refer to them as ‘ResQsponsors’.

Can I contribute to the ResQpool?

If you’re interested in making a personal contribution to the ResQpool, please email info@resqwalk.com.

How is the monthly ResQpool divided up amongst the ResQpartners on the platform?

At the end of every month, the ResQpool is proportionally distributed to our ResQpartners based on miles walked. For example, if a total of 1,000 miles are walked in a month, and Charity A walks 800 miles, and Charity B walks 200 miles, then Charity A gets 80% of the ResQpool while Charity B gets 20%.

Can my ResQwalk benefit multiple ResQpartners simultaneously?

You can follow multiple ResQpartners, but you can only ResQwalk for one at a time. You can change your benefiting ResQpartner from the ‘Start ResQwalk’ screen.

What if I don’t see my favorite animal welfare organization listed as a ResQpartner on the app?

To recommend your favorite animal welfare organization, email us at info@resqwalk.com. Please keep in mind that we only currently support registered animal welfare organizations in the United States and Canada.

Is ResQwalk limited to animal rescues and shelters?

No. ResQwalk is open to all registered animal welfare organizations in the United States and Canada.

What does the Pet Friendly button in the app do?

This feature can be used to search pet friendly places in your local community (and across North America). Looking for a new vet? A pet friendly hotel for your upcoming vacation? How about a delicious brunch spot with outdoor seating? We’ve got you covered. Just open the app, hit “Pet Friendly” and get your search on.

How does the “Goal” feature work?

The app provides you with the option to create weekly distance goals based on your personal fitness objectives. Once your goal is met, we frequently reward your success with prizes, special offers and opportunities to win additional resources for animals in need (e.g. dog treats).

I would like to email someone at ResQwalk and ask a specific question. Is that possible?

Absolutely! Email info@resqwalk.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


How does the app know how far I’ve gone?

We use GPS to track your movement.

The app doesn’t seem to be tracking my distance correctly. What can I do?

Please wait to press ‘Start Walk’ until you are outside of your house or apartment. GPS works best when there are minimal obstructions. Second, if you are an iOS user, make sure ‘Background App Refresh’ is on.

On the map screen, a portion of my ResQwalk route line is grey. Why is that?

Any distance travelled at a speed greater than 14 mph will appear grey and won’t count towards your total distance.

In the Activity section of My Profile, some of my ResQwalks are highlighted in green. Why?

If you don’t choose to share your ResQwalk with followers, the app will automatically record your distance to the Activity section of your Profile. These posts are highlighted in green, and the purpose is simply to provide you with an accurate log of your activity. These posts are only visible to you.

Does GPS consume the data on my phone?

No. GPS does not use data. The other app features, such as uploading a photo, do use data. If you are concerned about your data usage, please be sure to connect to Wi-Fi when uploading photos and/or interacting with features such as the News Feed and Leaderboard.

Is ResQwalk compatible with stationary bikes, treadmills, etc.?

No, but this is something we’re currently working on.

Will ResQwalk work if I’m walking inside (a mall for example)?

Generally speaking, no. That being said, if your phone shows a “Good” GPS signal then yes, the app will work.

Can I link my Fitbit, Apple Watch or other wearable device to ResQwalk.

No, but this is something we’re currently working on.

What does it mean to have a “private” profile?

If you set your profile to “private” other users will not be able to search for your name or see your activity.

If I have a public profile, does that mean people will be able to see my location?

No. We never share your location.  

Can I sync my Email, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to one ResQwalk account?

No. To keep your stats accurate, please login using the same method each time.

I just went on a ResQwalk and my stats aren’t updating…What do I do?

We update user stats and the leaderboards hourly. If you don’t see your stats immediately, simply check back later.


How can I sign up my animal welfare organization?

Simply click here and fill out the ResQpartner application.

How do we collect the money contributed to our animal welfare organization?

We distribute money via PayPal monthly. We also cover the PayPal fees.

I would like material to help promote my organization’s partnership with ResQwalk. Do you have additional material to provide?

Yes! Please email info@resqwalk.com and we’ll get you set up.