Want to Splash Around With A Baby Elephant? Here’s How!



In South East Asia elephants are a huge draw for tourists. In places like Thailand, people arrive excited to ride the largest land mammals on earth – unaware that what they’re doing is part of a cruel, unnatural practice that requires the animals to work long, hard days. What if there was a way to keep the elephants as a staple part of the South East Asian tourism industry – but in a role that was satisfying for both humans AND the elephants? The Chai Lai Orchid shows us that there is. […]

Elephants: Majestic and In Danger


Seeing an African elephant in its natural habitat is one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see. Weighing up to eight tons, elephants are the largest land animals on earth. They have astonishing strength, are gentle in nature, exhibit an obvious sense of self-awareness, and they are in danger. Elephants are threatened by poaching, conflict and habitat destruction. We can’t afford to lose these majestic creatures, and we must take action to help protect them. […]

Wildlife Conservation Day: It’s Time to Care

Tiger, Petchaburi, Thailand

In 2012 Hilary Clinton named December 4th Wildlife Conservation Day. The purpose: to engage conservationists and inform people about the global conservation crisis. Wildlife crime is the biggest threat to wild elephants, tigers and rhinos. Driven by the black market’s voracious appetite for illegal parts and products, these animals are being slaughtered into extinction. […]